3 Key Advantages of Playing Bubble Football

If you have ever watched or played bubble football, then you can agree that it’s one of the most entertaining fun games. It’s a fantastic fun activity especially for team building and family bonding. The game is more about playing for fun than winning the game.

20160303140738Here are the 3 advantages of playing bubble football:

Lots of pleasure

Playing bubble soccer is very enjoyable. The fun comes as players have to move with the bubbles around the field colliding with others as they bounce back, falling to the ground without being hurt and so on. Better yet, the game is not common, and thus most people find it an entirely new experience. You can never have enough of bubble soccer.


Before the bubbles are mounted on players, they’re first filled with air. The players then can run to the field and play with other colleagues who also have bubbles on. Therefore, when the game is on, there are minimal chances of players colliding with each other because the bubbles restrict players from playing so close to each other. Moreover, when players collide each other and hit the ground, they’re not hurt.

Health Fitness

The bubbles have weight. Therefore when players run with them, they use extra calories of energy. This helps the body to burn extra fats which reduce the chances of developing health problems related to excess fat in the body such as heart problems.

Bonus tip: To keep the best memories you will remember for years, you can take pictures and videos while playing to make sure you laugh every time you see the videos and pictures.

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