Bubble Ball Soccer Spreads to the Australia

You may not have heard of bubble ball soccer or you may have. To be clear, it is the same as regular soccer with one major difference. All of the players wear a large bubble around their bodies, covering all parts except from the knees down. The idea is this will prevent injuries as players bump into and bounce off one another rather than be subject to soccer related injuries such as breaks, sprains, and concussions.

This all started in the UK by a man named Lee Moseley. He founded both Bubble Football UK and Bubble Ball Soccer USA. One must understand they are the same sport. In America, we call it soccer and in the UK it is called football. This is easy enough to understand, right? Regardless, bubble soccer was conceived and home-grown in the United Kingdom initially

The fever and the rave of this version of soccer spread rapidly. It spread to the United States and is spreading to other countries. The original intention was to sell bubble suits as rentals. Moseley included a full set-up for the game including training to deliver the proper rules and observe the games for safety’s sake.

Then the whole endeavor took over like a wildfire. It spread to the Australia and the game of soccer has had an odd double ever since. Local, State, and National leagues have formed and bubble ball soccer is on its way to becoming an official sport. Or is it? We don’t actually know at the moment, but the momentum of the game is gaining attention from all directions as it has hit the media with a blinding and brilliant blow.

Many organizations exist which sponsor the games much in the way Moseley did. They rent out the equipment and teach the game while observing what the players do. This ensures safety and added fun for everyone.

bubble ball soccer

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