Bubble Soccer is every man’s favorite game in the US. Currently, a madcap version of Soccer is being played in many countries across the world like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon and many more. This is known as Bubble Soccer.

What is a Bubble Soccer?

The game, often called as the Bubble Bump Football is one of the favorite recreational sport among the people. It is a sort of football where the player’s upper body or the head is encased in some kind of inflated torus. This game is mainly played in a sports hall as part of the indoor game or outside in the field as an outdoor sport. According to the game’s rule, the players have to smash into each other, roll or bounce on the grass. Basically, this game is all about fun, unlike the real soccer. When any person chase the soccer ball, they bounce around upside down and their legs up in the air for a brief moment. This is extremely hilarious to watch for everyone around him/her.

Buy Bubble Soccer

The game has been so popular that it has now been incorporated as part of a number of corporate events, birthday parties and other similar occasions. So, if you want to host bubble soccer at your party, or for personal collection, you have to buy bubble soccer. While buying bubble soccer, make sure you buy the best quality bubbles as there are many companies selling cheap and leaved products.

While buying, make sure:

  • The plastic of the torus is thick enough to withstand years of use.
  • The straps are durable and can be suited to all shapes and sizes of the body. Moreover, can withstand the harshness of at least 100 games.
  • The bubble soccer must have an effective blow-hole so that you can easily blow the bubble up and down quickly. It should be fitted with a standard pump.

Make sure you buy the bubble soccer from a reputed brand and check the above pointers well before paying.

bubble ball soccer

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