Guidelines and best tips on how to play safe bubble ball and Bubble soccer

Bubble ball, as it sounds, is an inflated suit that is worn by the player while playing a game that is much interactive. Of late, they have become very much popular. In this inflatable bubble balls, there are a lot of fun and funny stuff to watch leave alone participating or playing them, in additional they are physical, lively and cheerful to take part.

Best games to play with bubble balls

Interesting in the bubble soccer there are almost no rules to observe, it’s a game with no offside and no goalies

5f194405-1c35-4e60-9255-11910469f204Bubble soccer –In this game bumping into the other players is what encourages and unlike in traditional one.Here in bubble soccer, two teams of players are supposed to challenge each other with only a slight rules.

Bubble football-It involve a use of bubble ball where a single player from each of the playing team is made the football, then you are supposed to get into the other team end zone at the same time keeping off the other member out of your zone.

Capture the Flag-In this game you get your component flag out of their end field and bring it to yours

King of the Ring-This is a game that is interesting and also the one that involves every gender and every age to meet the specified goal.

Roller Relays-In here players of the same team works together, one of the layer inside the ball while the other roll it up to the specified area.

Juggernaut-This involves getting to knock out a player by the juggernaut.

Bubble Bowling –a player rolls over to knock some pins down

I cannot exhaust the games which involve the Bubble balls it’s a matter of you making your own game creative.Then set your own rules in order to make to be creative. That’s all you will enjoy.

Finally, while playing the Bubble ball one thing you are sure of is safety, there is every sort of things that goes on the games and with all those you are guaranteed of laughter and more amazing experience out there. Have fun

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