Bubble Soccer is the exciting news sport which works like the normal football with an exception that you’re in the giant bubble. Actually the bubble Soccer is a perfect activity for the bachelorette parties, birthday party, bridal shower and the kickoff.

The bubble football is being played on the grass pitch of the regulation size, with the goalies and the referee. Essentially, time is being kept according to the regulation play, or the games are basically ended when everybody have run and also bounced themselves to the exhaustions, or when everybody is laughing very hard to play any longer.

Played like any other normal football, the bubble football has one major difference which is that the players are being strapped into their own very inflated body bubbles from a waist up. The game is suitable for upto 15 players and the game maybe played in one of the 5-a-side, the 7-a-side or the MUGA pitches and it is ideal for the stag and the hen parties birthdays and work outings.


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