Bubble soccer is probably one of the youngest sporting games developed in recent times. Developed in Norway in 2011 by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden, Bubble Soccer has since its invention been known the world over, especially with the establishment of a Bubble Football operator in Italy in 2014.
Bubble Soccer later was introduced into the United States of America, as it is in some other parts of the world. However, as its popularity grows, players and fans of bubble Soccer soon realized the various challenges facing the advanced development of bubble soccer around the world.
One of the first felt difficulty was the unwillingness of insurance underwriters to cover risks pertaining to bubble soccer games basically because it lacks credible antecedents. Another was in the area of the lack of equipment for bubble soccer. There were further no set standards acknowledged for guiding minimum quality of the equipment used in playing bubble soccer. For instance, the bumper ball lacks a standard of decency i.e a standard of what constitute a decent bumper ball. This ugly trend continued for quite some time until the foundation of the National Association of Bubble Soccer in 2014 in United States of American with the primary objective of aiding the advancement and development of bubble soccer by combating these identified challenges and the likes in future.
The rules applicable to playing bubble soccer are quite similar to the rules applicable in traditional soccer game. However, certain changes are being made to improve the safety measures of bubble soccer and to enhance the credibility of bubble soccer in the eyes of insurance companies. The National Association of Bubble Soccer has also helped in establishing and authorising the establishment of different Bubble Soccer leagues across America.
As of June, 2016, there several Leagues and providers of Bubble Soccer in over 40 Metros across the American Continent, with 38 city leagues active and 48 cities open for registration. There is yet an on-going campaign for membership of the administrative cadre of bubble soccer sporting game.


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