Selecting the right kit and repairing bubble soccer balls and other inflatables

Inflatable products, like bubble soccer balls suits, are a lot of fun. Regardless of the entertainment value, they are quite prone to leakages caused by small holes and tears. If the warranty has already expired, fixing it yourself can be a great DIY project. There are countless repair kits on the market, each with different approaches, making it difficult select. Here is how to select the right kit and how to repair bubble soccer balls and other inflatable balls.

20140827200919-P1050102Selecting the right kit

The right bubble soccer repair kit should have two main components. First, there should be some strong adhesive. Bouncing against people and objects creates high pressure, and a strong adhesive is required to cope with this pressure. Since most people play outdoors, the adhesive should be able to cope with high temperatures.

Second, there should be some strong tape. The tape should be a tear resistant material. You should always try and buy a transparent tape that can seamlessly repair bubble soccer balls of any color. The material should also not be vulnerable to heat and pressure. The surface should be rough to make the patch stronger.

 Repairing the bubble soccer balls

You should first deflate the bubble ball and make it as flat as possible. Next, you need to cut the material to cover the tear adequately. At this point, you should apply some adhesive around the tear and on the material you will use to cover. Carefully stick the material, ensuring there are no air pockets.

If the glue requires heat, you can simply blow dry it to enhance the adhesiveness. However, most modern kits use glue that will adhere without the need to add heat. All you need it to put a hard plate over the material to ensure that the glue adheres without any gaps. Once dry, you should inflate and test whether the patch olds when subjected to pressure.

 You do not need to buy a new bubble soccer suit when you get a tear in your old one. As long as you select the right kit and use the right procedure to repair, you can always patch up your bubble soccer balls.

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